Web Design

We create a completely custom website, exactly the way you want it, from the ground up. Our goal is to design a site that focuses on being visually stunning as well as user friendly. All of our sites use responsive design and are fully compatible with mobile devices, using the latest HTML5.

Custom Website Design - $500
Ideal for businesses or individuals looking to create more than a typical templated website. Includes a 100% custom website, designed from the ground up, to be exactly the way you want it.

- Personalized Setup
- Social Media Setup
- Product or Photo Gallery

Template Website Setup - $150
Ideal for pre-designed website services such as Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, etc. Excellent for the average user looking to be able to maintain their own website after setup.

- Personalized Setup
- Template Setup

Website Maintenance - $35/hr
Any maintenance that needs to be done after your website has been designed and setup.

- Photo Updates
- Price / Product Changes
- Website Updates

Additional web and design services offered, prices vary.

- Custon Logo Design
- Seperate Mobile Website Design
- Social Media Management

*Package prices subject to change.
*Prices do not include domain names and hosting services.
Web Design Portfolio

Below you can browse through a collection of our work. Click on an image to veiw the full website.